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Doctor/Master table

The 'Extended' TableCollapse )
Everything will be art. ART ALL THE THINGS. if anyone writes fic, that'd be cool 8D I'll be linking to things I've already drawn should they fit. Along with art that I've drawn for other peoples fics. *12/13/12 now featuring additions with asparklethatisblue~

Aug. 12th, 2011

new art

tumblr sketches!

 I draw 5/Master so well!! Idk what happened but I approve~ <3<3

lots of D/M right hereCollapse )

more wips

More things that I will never finish!

that one was for a contest on gaiaCollapse )


 Bunch of things I didn't want to share, but I need to delete things off my drawing computer so I'm putting them up here. 
pics (a lot of them D/M)Collapse )

pinch hit

 I was told to draw, so I did 83
It's for stuff over at community.livejournal.com/morepolitics
a small comic and...Collapse )